Market leading with more than 25 years of experience.

Our clients know they can fully rely on ASG Spark as a partner for every stage of the packaging project. We take care of all packaging aspects from design and project management to production, fulfilment and delivery. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations for their brand packaging. With over 25 years of market leading experience we know just how to do that.

Sustainability is important to us. We can offer you sustainable options for every stage of the process. From sustainable materials and ink to efficient supply chain management and a sustainable product life cycle.



Based on your wishes and needs our experienced and award winning production design team will create a design that works. Clever solutions will make sure the designs are not just good looking, but also technically feasible. Making sure every step of the way that the design also contributes to the most positive brand perception your customers can have.
Together we’ll explore different options with our handmade sketches. We’ll show you what’s possible based on your wishes and we’ll surprise you with ideas you might not yet have thought about.
Your chosen design will come alive in a 3D animation.
A white sample or a complete mock-up with colours and artwork will make the design tangible. Touch the design. Open and close it. And look at the design in its true size.
Provide us your own artwork or let ASG Sparks artwork designers create the artwork for you.


Discover the amazing possibilities of our techniques and finishes that will ensure your packaging to make lasting impressions. Choosing the right ink, embossing, foil or laminate can be overwhelming. Of course we can assist you with our honest and substantiated advice.
We know what will make your packaging stand out in stores. Our state-of-the-art Heidelberg printing presses and finishing techniques create endless possibilities to enrich the design. Looking for sustainable ink, foodsafe ink or UV-ink? We’ve got all the options you need.
After printing the design is die cut. Razor sharp thin blades cut out the exact shape from the cardboard. In this stage we can also add debossing or embossing to the process.
Embossing or debossing is a technique where letters or logos are raised to create a 3D-effect. It adds an exclusive look and feel to the cardboard. The die is pushed into the card board to create this effect. By debossing we achieve the opposite effect, creating an indentation of the material.
Add a luxurious, premium look to your packaging using foil. Maybe you want your brand name, other lettering or illustrations to stand out. Maybe you want your whole design to have a metallic finish. Of course we can foil in many different spectacular colours.
A beautiful gloss finish that protects your packaging from scratches as well. Laminating is one of the options to protect your product against damaging. Discover the laminating finish that suits your product and brand the best. They vary from matt to gloss, high gloss or soft touch with a velvet-like texture.

We can add coding or serialisation to your product to create gift certificates or value cards. Download here more info about coding,

Our folding gluing machines transform the flat printed sheets of folding box board to a finished box. The machines are able to fold and glue thousands of boxes per hour.
For more luxurious packaging, wrapped boxes are often used. The rigid greyboard is wrapped and set up. A beautiful solid box is the end result.
To make your products really stand out, special finishes such as ribbons, magnets, codes, leaflets or inserts can be added. Our hand assembling department ensures an exquisite final product that will definitely catch your customers eye.


Why transport your boxes to the next location for fulfilment if you can rely on our team to take care of it? We will package the products and prepare them for distribution to your stores or distribution centres. For optimal logistical efficiency which of course is also the most sustainable option.


When your product is finished, there’s only one job to do. A flawless delivery. We collaborate with trusted partners that deliver in all of Europe and the U.S. This way we are able to guarantee fast and flexible delivery in these parts of the world.